As the seasons change, the season changes.

All summer long we built fires for roasting marshmallows and sat beneath trees that whispered sweet nothings to us as we watched the stars come out at night. This particularly stunning place was on Madeline Island, Wisconsin.

Do you ever just wish you were better at something? Have you pep-talked yourself through all the preparation and planning and completed the tasks for exactly 5 days before, all of a sudden, it's Tuesday three months from now and you still haven't checked off day 6? Could be workouts or meal planning or that blessed quiet time you so diligently organized in your dreams. Might be the To-Do list for the week or the monthly home-school schedule. Regardless of what it is, the point is that at some moment you lose steam. Does it catch you by surprise? Like, why is this so mother-truckin' hard, I have a college degree for crying out loud?! Or do you secretly do the planning so well because you subconsciously know you will not run this whole race and at least you can say, "See how much I MEANT to accomplish?" I'm here to tell you a few things about that. I hope you can relate.

To come clean, I'm guilty of all of the above and I used to carry the weight of being 'less than'. I used to believe the lies I told myself about not being smart enough or motivated enough or skillful enough. In fact, the first song I ever wrote intentionally was entitled, "Never Not Good Enough," because even as a kiddo I wanted someone to encourage me in overcoming my mediocrity. I was exactly 35 years old before I realized that I wasn't actually deficient in the area of following through. We started on this journey to simplify life and pare it down to what was just desperately important to us and my 'inabilities' began to fade into the background. Y'all. I wasn't subpar, I was DISTRACTED. Constantly and consistently redirected to another task or job or need. I'm not a crap housekeeper, I had too much stuff. I'm not a short tempered mom, I had too many other people to please. I used to think that multi-tasking was a coveted and valued skill. If I could do 3 things at once, how much better would I be to others if I could do TEN things at once! Lies. At least for me.

We are not boring. We just didn't know it until we stopped living like we were. Surprise!

Jumping into this wildly simplified life has made so many things clear. We have too many things and too many commitments and most of them don't bring us joy. Most of them feel obligatory or worse, guilt-driven. How light and hopeful it feels to have discovered this! This kind of life isn't for everyone, but we are forever grateful for what it has already taught us - and we haven't even left full-time yet! We wish the same awareness for you in your life, whatever it might pertain to. No matter the type of clutter, be it physical or emotional or otherwise, we wish for you the ability to recognize what you truly need and the courage to change what you can.

In the next few weeks, I'll be on here sharing a few memories from the miles we traveled this summer. I hope you'll come back and catch up on our adventures and follow along as we enter this unknown new season of our lives. As always, thank you a million times over for being our Kin. We just couldn't do this without your love and hope and positivity. Lots of hugs to you!

Our joy comes from the simple things now. We watched Billy Strings and Greensky Bluegrass at Red Rocks in Morrison Colorado. It was transformational in so many ways. After seven weeks on the road, it was a welcome breath of fresh air and perspective.


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