Coast to Coast 2020: The Things Our Souls Desire

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Thanks for sticking with us during this bloggy dry spell! We've been busy selling everything and squishing ourselves and our remaining possessions into our homemade Ford Transit camper van. As uncomfortable as it sounds, it feels amazing! We get a little heady looking back on 2019. What an overwhelming amount of work! If we had had any idea, there's a good chance we would have talked ourselves out of this wild ride. Luckily, we were high on hope and optimism and just went for it.

We greeted the new year with illness and funk and struggle. It was frustrating to put it mildly. We had really sick kids, we cancelled gigs, we were under the weather in every sense. Our first two months of the year were NOT fully booked and it was looking more and more like they weren't going to be. Not being able to earn money is scary. Being able to earn a living is the only way this dream train stays on the tracks. The first two weeks of January felt like 2 years of hard things piled up and put into slow motion. But Dudes, WE DIDN'T DIE THOUGH! #neattrick

Deeply cared for by our Colorado friends and family, we wrapped up our short run through the front range, playing in Greeley, Englewood and Pueblo. South we go! New Mexico, here we come! Neither Alex nor I have ever spent any length of time here and we didn't know what to expect. Thankfully we were mostly, delightfully surprised! First, for those of you who are taking notes, it is still cold in the desert in the winter months. It can snow on you, even in the low and southern parts. Ice is possible. Wind is dependable. Booking shows here made me feel like maybe I missed something in Geography class. Ope. Second, the State Parks here are GORGEOUS and so very well-maintained. I wish you at least two nights in the New Mexican desert for the sunsets and your star-gazing pleasure. One evening, as we roasted marshmallows on the fire, I happened to turn and see strange lights moving through the sky. Calling Al and the girls over, we watched 20-30 lights arc through the sky, one right after the other in a long line until they disappeared, one right after the other at a certain point in the darkness. WHOA. I was a babbling idiot. Avenn was certain it was a star shuttle to another dimension. Alex and Isla were betting military maneuvers, as we were close to Holloman AFB. In the morning we caught an article talking about the phenomenon. It was a train of SpaceX Satellites. Still sounds syfy, I know. Check out this article when you're done scrolling the blog and see if you can see them, too! We spent almost a week at the Santa Rosa Lake State Park, four days at Lake Sumner State Park and we just pulled into the City of Rocks State Park for the next few days before we head into Arizona! Make sure to check out our Instagram @deliberatekinmusic for all the amazing views.

As we travel down the road, so many folks have spoken of how our extreme life leap is encouraging them to chase their own big dreams. Many of them ask what our best advice would be for someone out there wishing they could make a big move, too. We always feel a little out of our league, but would be over the moon if our thoughts helped someone move toward their dreams, so here you go: Quit trying to be ready. You won't be ready if the dream is big enough. You can't be prepared if the change is radical enough. Luckily, you don't need to know how all the moves play out, you just need to do the next right thing. One step at a time. You need to be smart. You need to be resourceful. You need a good sense of humor. Everything else becomes details that you'll figure out as you go. (Then they'll shift and change and you'll need to figure them out again. Lucky you!) We are honored to be thought of as inspirational. We are humbled by the position it puts us in and we are doing our best this year to step up and step forward and be even better about leading those who want to follow!

Please take a minute and consider becoming a Patron of Deliberate Kin! For blessing us with just a few dollars each month, you will be privy to all the new and exciting music, merch and more. What's even better? You get access FIRST. We are working on a video series from our desert travels, a vlog of our adventures on the road and a 3 part series that lets you in on our daily lives! Don't miss - head over to to get signed up and have immediate access. A little pocket change might not seem significant to you, but it's life-giving to us. I hope you'll join our growing community of Patrons!

As I sit in The Kinship, gazing out the window into the frigid darkness that is the desert in January, I can't help but feel safe and warm. I am continually taken aback by the kindnesses of the new people we meet. Their readiness to cheer us on and build us up is so comforting. When you live in a van with your two kids and spouse, comfort can be neglected accidentally. Imagine not having your favorite food, book or slippers when you wanted them. You can't light your pumpkin spice candle or set your mail on the counter. Think about all the familiar smells and sounds that you count on each day to feel good. Now you won't hear your hometown banker tell you good morning or pop in to the grocery store and catch them making their doughnuts. What about your quirky best friend or your funny co-worker? Those shared laughs at lunch or the late night runs for pizza don't happen anymore. What if you woke up one day and all that was missing? Where would you find your comfort?

All the small efforts to make us comfortable as we move through this wide world are precious and appreciated. We notice. We are grateful. We can't figure out a way to repay you, but we are going to do our absolute best to continue spreading joy and kindness as we roam and we sure hope that's a comfort to you.

Go back and click the links for the Space X article and our Patreon page if you haven't already and then give this ol' story a share!

Signing off from The Kinship Voyager,

Amanda Jo

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