Did you even 2018?

Y'all. Welcome to the end of the year. Pat yourself on the back and complete an ordering spree on Amazon Prime because you made it! (Also Christmas.) 2018 was hard for so many and bless it's whole heart, it didn't leave us out. We're about to mail it a lovely fruitcake to show our appreciation. (sarcasm font)

Alex and I began Deliberate Kin out of love and necessity on March 26th. We decided SURE, we could totally DO this, on the way home from a family Cosmosphere trip on a cold, drippy Monday afternoon. Something about deep space and the kids rocket fuel demonstration must have given us a planet-sized vision full of hope. Who makes life altering decisions on a rainy Monday? Us. We have no scruples apparently. Our first gig as a duo was April 21st and it was the most wonderful evening full of support and excitement for our new adventure. We were so encouraged! Now, it's almost Christmas and we've logged 48 shows in just six months. Wow. Who knew?

Our year was peppered with struggles amid the goodness. The band we began the year with fell apart with lost friends and missed opportunities. An intensive drought brought losses and low yields on the family farm. The harvest we brought in wasn't welcomed by the markets very nicely. In September our oldest daughter was attacked by a dog and nearly lost her lower lip. We've never seen or survived something so horrible in our lives.

Thankfully we are not the type to focus on the worst parts of this life for very long! Amid the chaos and worry came the most brilliant, warm and uplifting moments we have ever experienced! Alex and I have been showered with a very deep and motivating love. You all gave us the strength to always keep going. Your kind words and support of our music has literally changed our lives for the better. You became our guiding lights. Deliberate Kin, in turn, became a musical avenue filled with a shared gift of positivity for our fans. We needed you and you needed us, too. How amazing the relationship between entertainers and audience is! So while the downs were very down in 2018, the ups have been mile-high and we already have such exciting things to share with y'all after the first of the year.

2019 will be a record book year for Deliberate Kin and we want you along for every second of the journey. Join us here on our dot com, the Facebooks or the Instagrams to share every moment with us. We promise to be positive, engaging and entertaining if not exactly in that order. See you in 2019, a year that promises many new adventures!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a delightful New Year to you and yours!

Al & AJ, Isla & Avenn

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