Happy Anni, DK

Hey Friends. It has been a minute.

I can safely say that we had a whole good time this winter, traveling around and sharing music with all of your smiling faces! In 11 weeks, Deliberate Kin laid down 31 shows and have never been happier. Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Missouri welcomed us with smiles and snacks and warm beds to sleep in. We felt so very loved! In the moments in between the chaos, we were able to reflect and dream and really appreciate our good fortune.

We began our year at Blue Earth Studios, reminiscent of our very first show the year before. The hidden gems in small spaces are our favorite. There is always good energy and laughter to be shared. Oklahoma welcomed us down for a week of excellent hospitality and great shows! A new friendship with the red dirt state, emerged. Their road tolls are high, but their smiles are wide! We will be back, OK. Kansas City took us in quite a few weekends this winter, with house concerts, coffee shops and breweries supporting us we were well-fed, caffeinated and happy! The snow and flooding tried to keep us out of Nebraska but we made the best of our new van and just kept trucking down the road. There just aren't truly enough words to express our gratitude for all the friendly faces we met along the way.

This winter we were accused of being able to turn a place full of strangers into a room full of friends. We hope we are able to live up to that. It sure is our favorite part.

Norton, KS was a GEM. You guys are doing great things with your Arts Council and programs there. We feel honored to call you friends!

Deliberate Kin celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary on March 26. This time last year, on a rainy Monday road-trip we decided to give this duo thing a shot. We are so glad we did. The coming year has so many possibilities and ideas already stuffed into it. This has been the most fun hard work we have ever done!

A few specific Thank You's: To each and every one of you who came out to our shows, we can never thank you enough. The last thing we say before each show sounds something like, "I sure hope somebody comes!" We tell stories and interact with the audience. It's so lovely to share those moments with y'all. For those of you that brought your young ones to live music, you help keep the cycle of art going. You are important and we appreciate the effort it takes to cart kids out into public. Keep being awesome! Our hosts gave us a feeling of home on the road and that is so very important, especially as parents to young girls. Being welcomed into homes for meals and coffee and showers is the highest blessing. We are so very thankful for every person that makes this dream work!

We are about to gear up for the summer season...and whoa boy...this oughta be good. *Laughs hysterically, reaches for coffee, bursts into tears, eats a cookie* You better come along for this. Follow this page and the FB and IG for the wide ride! As always, check out this page for blogs, pics, videos and the store!

We love you and we couldn't do this without you.

Forever grateful,

Al, AJ and girls

There is no place we'd rather be than sharing our music and making you smile! We are so grateful for every person we meet. Sure hope we see you down the road again soon!

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