Kansas, Nebraska & South Dakota Fun

As we wrap up harvest here on the Whiterock for the last time as farmers, we take a look back on this whirlwind summer. There is only so much we can share on social media so I want to slip on here and revisit a few more moments with you. Come along for the ride...it was exciting!

We left Kansas after a hometown send off from the Annual Courtland Fun Day Celebration, opening for Rob Baird and a great turn out at the Broadway Plaza in Concordia. Leaving some of our greatest supporters behind felt dangerous. Who was going to come to all our shows?

Kansas and our crew spoiled us for sure, showing up and loving us so deeply. It began as a silliness as we headed North but we started saying, "Gosh, I sure hope someone comes," followed by the other person saying, "Yeah. Sure hope they like us." It's almost a ritual now as we pull up to a venue. We say it before every show and are amazed every time at the blessings people and places bestow on us.

In Nebraska we caught two great gigs, the first at The Pioneer Theatre in Fremont. You guys. You want some most delicious ear candy? Go listen to Taylor run sound for any show ever at The Milady Coffeehouse. We have played there twice now and I've never been more in love with our music than in this space. I hope we play there our entire lives. Down the road we spent a gorgeous afternoon at the Deer Springs Winery in Lincoln. Their tasting room backyard is like something out of a dream. Tall trees that sway in the breeze as the sunlight filters down through the leaves and your glass of their award-winning, champagne-colored LaCrosse. Visit if you need a treat for your tastebuds and a vacation for your mind.

After we sent all of our new friends off with a midwestern goodbyes, it was up to South Dakota for a week of family and fun. It began in Yankton with some really rad folks that invited us to record two live music videos in the historic Cramer-Kenyon Heritage Home. Built in 1886, it is a living museum adorned with period-style clothing, imported wallpaper and elaborately carved furnishings and the warmest energy. It was a trip to step into each room and feel transported back in time, to walk the curved hallways and turn on the push buttons lights. You can see the two beautifully done videos here: "Things Happen" https://youtu.be/o2YYDYNtcLY and "Matched Set" https://youtu.be/-FVATIkHHSs

The stunning, speakeasy style Copper Room above Ben's Brewing Company in Yankton, SD!

That evening we played the swanky styled Copper Room above Ben's Brewing Co. in Yankton to a sweet, funny, attentive audience that gifted us these amazing speakeasy-era cocktails. We were asked back anytime and you better believe we accepted!

The next two days were spent in Sioux Falls. The Source Roastery and Taproom is a part of a larger mercantile building with free-trade shopping and small business eateries. It has a WALL of self-serve beer taps. Read that again. They gave us an all-access key card and the delicious craft brews flowed like wine. Really well-made, locally sourced, crafted beer type 'wine' that is. Visit them. Love them. Return. The next evening was threatened by the weather at Remedy Brewing, but you folks stuck out the rain with us for a sweet evening of local friends, both old and new. Luckily we had our tees for sale for those who didn't quite get out of the rain in time. ;-)

In our down moments that week we ate mouth-watering steak dinners, sipped full-bodied red wines, stayed up late talking with friends, visited family over breakfast with black coffee, discovered ducks in waterfalls,

Loved our time at Falls Park in Sioux Falls! Watched fish jump and ducks swim and rested in the roar of the rushing waters. What a gem of a place.

climbed rocks and took selfies with rainbow angel art on the side of tall city buildings.

We hugged a lot of folks and sent them off with smiles and our music to keep them encouraged. All that in just 7 days!

Come back next time for Minnesota Adventures - there are so many - and few flying trip to the upper peninsula of Michigan. By far the most stunning bit of nature we came across. Be kind and stay tuned!

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