The Sticky Spaghetti Guidebook

9 days.

Have you ever thrown spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks? Asking for a friend. The Grandma endorsed theory has never failed me, so I'm pretty sure I'm totally nailing life right now. It applies to more than pasta, right? If it sticks, it's ready. Eat, be merry and enjoy! Have you ever attempted to prepare for something in life that you aren't sure will stick? Maybe it's a job change or the birth of a kid. Maybe it's a cross-country move or a marriage. You've hypothesized it all out in your head, usually in the anxiety-driven cycle that looks something like: dream it up, let it simmer, enthusiastically throw at unsuspecting spouse/friend/internet stranger, rinse in cold shower of reality, scrap it, repeat until something sticks. Welcome to the Sticky Spaghetti Guidebook. (Spoiler Alert: We’re making all this up as we go...) It's really the only fool-proof way to make decisions from the age of today years-old until tomorrow never comes. This is how we are approaching the future right now. Take care of what you can and just see what sticks. Don't waste time and energy moaning and fretting over something that doesn't stick yet. I encourage you to listen to the #podcast, The Next Right Thing, by Emily P. Freeman. It's for anyone who has ever been overwhelmed by decision-making and everyone who lives with someone like that. #trustme She encourages and reminds us to just do the next right thing and then the next and so on. I've been clinging to it over the last year.

As we count down the days, 9 to be exact, we are trying to do everything we can think of as it comes to us. Things like service the van, repair the chips in the windshield, take the whole fam for one last dental visit, squeeze in one more massage, test run the van kitchen set-up, see all the friends, get in all the local library programs and slushies at The Depot Market, weed-eat the yard and find a house-sitter and don't panic because panicking makes you sweat and sweating makes laundry and we have no time for regular life people, we are in transition mode, run-on sentences be damned! #realtalk

(laughs like a maniac and bathes in coffee)

We are just over here throwing pasta at the wall and seeing what messes we have left to clean up and what is ready for our transition.

We have less than no idea what we are doing, but it feels like #thenextrightthing for us and that makes all the difference. When we see the chaos we are treading water in and then look to what we THINK the future holds, we see sunshine and taste sweet anticipation and feel a dangerous amount of hope. It wakes us up. Over the last week our choices have erred on the side of enjoyment. We played a show at First Street Brewing in Hastings Ne and the owner invited us out for wings after. Duh. We totally went, ate too much and laughed too hard and then made every stupid joke and crazy mouth noise all the way home at dumb o’clock in the morning trying to stay awake. #befirstclass The very next day we headed down to Manhattan Ks to watch our new friends, Fireside Collective at the amazing house concert series called Music at the Murdock’s. Again, we remained until an unhealthy hour in the morning picking and grinning like fools and hoofed it two and a half hours home, collapsing into our beds at 3am. Did I mention that Alex turns 40 on Friday? #goals There was not enough coffee to make us hospitable on Monday morning. Sorry not sorry.

We only have a few days left to get things buttoned up around the farm. The rain and slow home buying market are not helping in any way, but hey, that’s the way the cookie bites the dust or something like that. I’m here to say that new things aren’t easy but having fun while figuring them out can be a spiritual practice. You have to work at it, especially when it’s frustrating or defeating. What else are you going to do though? So far I’ve never been able to think my way to success or worry my way out of a problem. Action is where it’s at. Even tiny actions matter. We talk about it in our song Tinderbox. Tiny, good actions matter, both to your sanity and to those around you looking for some kind of hope in the world.

Throw the spaghetti at the wall and and do things that require a scary amount of optimism. See what sticks. It’s good for you AND for those around you wrestling with their own dreams. Be the change. Throw the pasta.


AJ & Crew

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