We did a thing.

Few things in life are as intoxicating as actually beginning a new adventure #amiright? So here we are, equal parts terrified and excited, to share with y'all that WE BOUGHT A NEW VAN. This isn't your mother's minivan. It's not even your Uncle's plumbing cargo van. It's a 15-passenger TRANSIT VAN! If you can't run with the big dogs...get a larger porch? Close enough. We didn't test it, but I'm pretty sure we could fit the old one inside the new one.

*Sign of the cross* Rest in pieces. We don't miss you old van. Not even a little bit. #sorrynotsorry

We looked a long time, but the 2015 Ford Transit 350, Medium Top, 15 Passenger Van slid in for the WIN!

2018 showed us many, many things. One takeaway? Being the neighborhood Tetris Champion of 1989 is not only an honor, but a foundational life skill. Over the last six months and 48 live shows we have hauled in and out of a very small vehicle, accommodating no less than everything we thought we needed and half the things we didn't. 'We' includes our small children who seem to have acquired the unfortunate packing skills of their mother. Who knew DNA was so strong?

So what for, you may ask? Thankfully, we are fortunate enough to have people who want to hear us play music for a living! Well, with 27 shows already booked for the first 3 months of 2019, the idea of using a less than ideal (read: safe) vehicle wasn't very appealing. Given the overwhelming number of gig opportunities we've received, we decided to make the leap to bigger accommodations! Music is our first love. We've enjoyed traveling with our girls this year and we hope to make, not only more trips, but longer runs. This lets us have a taste of that #vanlife all those crazy hippies keep talkin' about. (That's us *wink*). There are plans in the works for band trips to Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Arkansas and Colorado! Alex and I and the girls are so excited to share our music with a few more people far and wide. We will still appreciate every single bed and breakfast we are offered on the road! Having hot coffee the morning after a show with new friends are the moments that make the world go round. But we are also excited to camp and experience new places and scenery as we play music around the midwest!

2019 is already turning out to be a big year for Deliberate Kin, and we're not even there yet! I hope you'll follow along and share us with your friends. Stay tuned for a van-naming that y'all get to help with AND the transformation from 'transit' to 'camper'! Eeeek!

Amanda Jo, Alex & Girls

Excited or shell-shocked? Hard to say! Ha! "Thassa BIG van, Mom!"

Our newest family van! Thank you Richie and Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City! You are the bees knees!

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